About us

Touchétech Labs Pvt Ltd is a social entrepreneurship firm which focusses on solving concerns primarily related to the disabled or challenged. We are at the moment working on some very exciting projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the visually challenged.   Contact us here to know more.

      Touchétech Labs Pvt Ltd (TTLPL)   is the brain child of Paul D’souza who has been working on  solving diverse    A picture of Paul Dsouzaproblems for several years. His areas of interest have led to several innovations and inventions in the fields of plumbing, masonry, carpentry, metal work, precision machining, watch making, jewellery techniques, electrical and electronics, computers, optics, miniatures, aero-modelling and even embroidery in his younger days! He is passionately fond of antique restoration and has restored numerous antiques like furniture, machines, clocks, watches, curios etc.

The team at TTLPL is now working to put Touché ( the refreshable Braille display)  on the market and reach out to as many visually impaired people as possible to ensure that the only form of literacy that they now have is not lost in time.  Touché has been eight years in the making and was developed into a product as part of a collaboration between Paul and Sapient Razorfish’s Kepler Lab in little over a year.  http://www.touche.world

The team at TTLPL  at the moment consists of Paul D’souza as the Chief Technology Officer in charge of the production of Touché – the refreshable Braille display-  as well as  development of other ideas on the burner, and execution of the same!

Srinand Piedpet  joins in as the person  handling all the administrative stuff.  PROUD OWNERS Yashaswini and Srinand with Swara. Srinand has worked with a few companies and organisations, run a software company of his own with some class mates,  learned life the hard way and come through smiling (most of the time!).  Srinand is passionately fond of antiques , as is everyone on the team,  and the only way we were able to recruit him as CEO, was to assure him that we were trying to restore and re-introduce  vintage forms of technology!!  Yashaswini,  his wife,  is silently working behind the scenes to propel us forward as his earlier obsession  – the ‘grand old lady’  is now moving on her own steam!   Read this article about them to give you an idea about the man and his main hobby!      http://www.deccanherald.com/content/509758/a-date-grand-old-lady.html


Raghunandan T R   has volunteered his services  for a while and is handling the PR and other complicated stuff.  A p[icture of T R Raghunandan

Raghu is a retired IAS officer with  years of experience in and out of service, he  is currently actively involved in  Accountability Initiative ” and is a consultant in anti corruption, decentralised public governance and heritage restoration, as well as founder of  – ‎Avantika Foundation.  There are pages of information online about Raghu and what he has done, is doing and what he wants to do!!   For starters check this link http://accountabilityindia.in/team-member/76/T.R._%20Raghunandan