We have a host of products that we are working on in different stages.

Our immediate offering is  Roulette  –  a drawing tool that creates a positive impression on most types of paper.  It is an affordable option to the textured plastic or mylar film currently used by the visually impaired to make  tactile drawings .

Useful for drawing freehand lines as well as drawing geometric shapes.  Roulette needs the drawing paper sheet to be placed on a silicone or neoprene rubber sheet.

While a drawing board with at least one clip to keep the paper fastened in place is desirable,  Roulette does not cause the paper to shift while using it.  So you will be able to use Roulette with just a rubber sheet if a rubber topped drawing  board is not available.  Roulette will not work if the paper is placed on a hard surface.


The following products are in the pipeline:

  • Touché – An E-Reader Braille display.
  • Braille Cell Modules and Mechanically Programmable Braille Cells
  • Touché Plus – A refreshable Braille display with integrated Braille keyboard (note taker).
  • Tiffy Template – a currency note identifying template for the blind in India.  (Withdrawn due to demonitization)
  • Tactile Books for the sighted and visually impaired.
  • Touché Type –  a Low cost Brailler.


Touché– Refreshable Braille Display (RBD)

A picture of Touche which is a low cost Braille E-reader

Touché – A Braillle E-reader

This device is a result of over 8 years of intense work and dedication of a host of people. This device will revolutionize the way literacy is looked at for the visually impaired. Some of the salient features of this device are; low cost, high reliability, easily serviceable, multiple means of connectivity, user-centric.  Touché was developed as a product with the help and collaboration of Sapient Razorfish at their Kepler Lab.



Photo of Mechanically Programmable Braille Cells

Mechanically Programmable Braille Cells   (Pat Pending)

These individual Braille Cell Modules are designed to be used in instances where small programmable displays are needed.  They can be used to provide tactile feedback in items like rotary switches, temperature indicators,  Lift floor indication systems and even in toys and educational tools.





Braille twin Cell Modules made by Touchetech Labs

Braille Twin Cell Modules – 8 Dot and 6 Dot

These are our standard twin cell modules that we use in our devices and also what we supply to other Braille Device Manufacturers.  They essentialy comprise a twin Braille cell module with a controller PCB sandwitched between them. The Braille cell size and dot specifications are compatible with international Braille cell specifications. Each twin cell module comprises a pair of 8 Dot Braille cells. The boards can be cascaded to form Braille  lines of any length.



Touché Plus- Refreshable Braille Display with integrated Braille keyboard (note taker).   A work in progress…

This advanced version of the Touché refreshable Braille display will have an input device in the form of a Braille keyboard that will allow the user to input data and store data. This device will be an IO device which is pretty much a fully functional computer for the visually impaired.


A picture of The 'Tiffy template' - a template to identify Indian currency notes.

The ‘Tiffy template’

Tiffy Template

A simple low cost invention that has ensured financial independence and freedom from fraud for the visually impaired. This template has been crowd funded on Fueladream with the aim of distributing it to over 2 million blind people in India. This was available free to any blind person in India.

UPDATE :    The Tiffy Template was discontinued post demonitisation.  It is not compatible with the newly minted currency issued by the Government of India.


Tactile Books for the visually impaired and sighted.

  • A picture of one sample page from a tactile book.

    A sample page from a tactile book designed to be used by the sighted and visually impaired alike.

Children derive great fun out of story books, we have produced a couple of very interesting characters which will enthrall children with their amusing adventures. Also, these books are printed using technology which will make them equally enjoyable and accessible to visually impaired and sighted students alike.  All illustrations have tactile features and texture variations that can be felt by the visually impaired.  Not visible, but present in the illustration,  is   Braille text.



Touché Type – Low cost Brailler

We are working on a low cost Brailler which will make personalised typing  out notes and books far more affordable and easier for the visually impaired.  The Perkins Brailler has been around for over half a century and is probably the heaviest and most cumbersome device a  Braille user can possess.  It is also prohibitively expensive. We aim to substitute this device with a sleek, low cost, lightweight replacement.  We will share further details at the earliest.